Friday, September 8, 2023

Quick Teaching Tip for Unruly Students


Approach the student calmly, maintaining a non-confrontational demeanor. Avoid using a harsh or judgmental tone.

Frame your conversation in terms of their behavior, not their character. For example, say, "I noticed your behavior is disruptive," instead of, "You are a troublemaker."

Clearly state the expected behavior and how it impacts the learning environment. Use "I" statements like, "I need everyone to listen during the lesson."

Ask if there's anything you or the school can do to help the student succeed in your class. This shows your willingness to work together for a positive outcome.

Talk to the student when the class is not disrupted, such as a break or after the lesson.

Remember that consistency in enforcing classroom rules and maintaining a respectful and caring attitude toward all students can help prevent unruly behavior in the first place.

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