Thursday, July 4, 2024

Resources to Help Teachers Incorporate and use AI in their Classrooms


Here are some valuable resources for teachers interested in learning about AI and incorporating it into their classrooms:

AI4ALL Open Learning: Provides free, adaptable AI curriculum for high school students.

   - AI4ALL Open Learning  

Google AI for Education: Offers various tools and resources to help educators integrate AI into their teaching.

   - Google AI for Education  

AI Educator Guide by ISTE: The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) provides a comprehensive guide for educators.

   -AI Educator Guide  

IBM AI Education: Provides resources for teachers to learn about AI and how to teach it to their students.

   - IBM AI Education  

Microsoft AI School: Offers courses and resources for educators to learn about AI and how to apply it in the classroom.

   - Microsoft AI School  

TeachAI: A platform dedicated to AI education with resources and tools for teachers.

   - TeachAI AI Resources: Provides lesson plans and activities focused on teaching AI concepts.

   - AI Resources  

These resources offer a range of materials, from lesson plans and courses to guides and tools, to help teachers integrate AI into their curricula effectively.

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