Thursday, April 6, 2023

Spring Activities for any Classroom


There are many fun classroom activities that you can do with students in the spring. Here are some ideas:

Planting Seeds: Teach students about plants and gardening by having them plant seeds and watch them grow.

Spring Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for students to find outside, such as flowers, birds, and insects.

Spring Art Projects: Create art projects inspired by spring, such as painting flowers or making paper butterflies.

Outdoor Exploration: Take students on a nature walk to explore the changes that occur in the spring, such as buds on trees and new leaves.

Spring Cleaning: Have students clean up the classroom and school grounds to celebrate the start of a new season.

Spring Writing Prompts: Give students writing prompts related to spring, such as writing a poem about spring or describing their favorite spring activity.

Spring STEM Challenges: Provide students with STEM challenges related to spring, such as designing a birdhouse or creating a butterfly feeder.

More teaching Strategies:

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