Friday, January 26, 2018

Teachers: Protecting Yourself in the Classroom

In this day of social media, classroom teachers need to be on their game more than ever. They need to take steps to not only protect their careers, but also their students. Here are some tips:

 1. Never allow cell phones to be out. You never know when you will be filmed at the footage uploaded. Not a good situation. Your school should make sure students keep their phones either at home or put away.

 2. Don't turn your back on students unless absolutely necessary. Standing at the back of the class, or a corner, is good classroom management and discipline anyway. You should not be so lost at the board, back to your students, that you lose concentration on your students. It only takes a second for things to get out of hand.

 3. Watch what you say and do. In the past, teachers could joke and it was not problem. They could make comments and it was laughed off. You can't do that anymore. Mentioning dress, looks, make up, jewelry, talk, music, etc. may get you big trouble. Just teach. Well, that's what you are supposed to be doing anyway. You need good rapport, but very careful not to cross the line

 4. Don't befriend students on social media. It might be against your school rules anyway. You are asking for trouble if you do. It is not a good idea to even be on it so people can find you.

 5.Watch what you say, do, post, upload, film, etc. on places like youtube, twitter, and facebook. What you say can and will be used against you.

 6. Dress modestly and appropriately. Ignore comments from students and steer them away from making them.

7. Don't offer to take students home or to school events.

 8. Never be in the classroom alone with any student, male or female, even with the door open. Yes, in the past it was good to have a door open, but that's not good anymore.

 9. Call and email parents, NOT students.

 10. Last but not least, do not put yourself in any position during or after school that could be construed as immoral or just plain bad. People have been filmed in public places doing crazy things that have gotten them fired.

 Yes, this takes a whole other level of thinking when it comes to teaching today. The natural and nurturing ways that teachers react, may now get you in trouble. You can still be a loving, caring teacher. Work on it!

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