Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Creative Teacher

I have a brand new teacher article up on being a creative teacher. Do you consider yourself a creative teacher, or just one that goes along with the flow? If you have ever thought about what kinds of things you can do to be more creative and add some excitement to your classrooms, check out: The Creative Teacher.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Should Public Schools Give Free Lunch to Every Student?

Upwards of fifty percent of all public school students are eligible to receive free or reduced lunches. So why are we still doing this? It is an archaic system.

It seems that almost every day we hear of some nightmare school lunch story. Children who have a debt to the lunch counter, have had their lunches tossed in the trash. Not only is the trashing of the lunch wrong, but it also humiliates the child. I just read a story where a high school student had his lunch tossed in the garbage can because he was less than five dollars in debt. How can an adult toss good food in the trash can? We don't understand that. We understand the need to keep records and collect money, but can we get any more insane? Don't we hear about all these children going to bed hungry in the United States? And yet, we still have good food tossed away. Oh well. It seems that's just the nature of the beast of public bureaucracy. There's no logic or intelligence left. It's all about following rules with no thought of what problems they might cause.

 How about this. Forget the whole school lunch payment and free lunch plans. Just scrap them totally. Give every student on a daily basis a free lunch. If you think this costs a lot of money, think again. The food they serve in schools is relatively cheap. They can feed a lot of students for a small amount. Probably less than 2-3 dollars. Now since half of students in schools get free or reduced lunch now, the additional cost will be negligible. And you know what? You would not have to hire people to keep records. There's a savings right there. Probably what school districts spend on people keep track of who pays what would cover the cost of more food. And we'll bet the cafeteria person at the check-in and checkout counter will be very grateful. I know the students will. Of course nobody will force anyone to eat this food. A parent has the option of sending a sack lunch. Hay, there's a thought! Parents actually responsible for the feeding of their children!

The cost of implementing, keeping, updating, and running the whole system of free lunch, is probably more than the cost of the food. Let's just wipe the whole thing out.