Monday, August 13, 2012

Teachers, New School Year - Get Organized!

If you are a new teacher or a veteran, teaching can be unmanageable in a hurry. Just the daily tasks alone that a teacher must complete are tiring. Even teachers who have been in the classroom for years have trouble. New teachers don't know it yet. Be determined to be an organized teacher this year. Start now! Classroom Discipline should be the first task to tackle. Work out some details now. What do you expect your students to do? How will you accomplish this? Come up with a plan now....and stick with it. Once that's done, you can turn your attention to classroom management. What exactly is classroom management? Classroom management is how you accomplish daily tasks in the classroom. Everything from roll taking to collecting work. Even passing out materials and transitioning from one task to the other. All is classroom management. Even what you do outside of class. Grading, lesson planning. Will you do this? Get organized! The tasks of a teacher can mount up like a mountain. What will you do if a student shows up without a pencil? Without great classroom management, your classroom teaching and learning will fall apart. A lack of the above will most certainly lead to teacher stress. You will find yourself working hard at school and at home. Remember, it's the teacher's job to make the students work while he or she watches, not the other way around. You want things to go smoothly. You want to be prepared. An organized teacher is an effective teacher. There is no real effective teacher that is not organized. With a little planning, you can make the school day go by smoothly. Your head will be clearer. Your teaching will be fantastic! Be determined to get organized before the first day of school! Don't fall victim to teacher burnout.