Thursday, September 1, 2011

What teachers wish parents would do

Are you a parent? Do you know your child's teacher? Did you know there are a few things that teachers wish parents would do? Here are just some of the many things parents can do to make a teacher's job a little easier.

First of all, you have to stay in touch with the teacher. Get the teacher's email and ask questions. Above all, you have got to make sure you receive all notes and written notices and assignments sent home. It is a good idea to ask the student each day for these notes. It is not a bad idea to actually go through a child's backpack looking for relevant notes and assignments. You should not use the excuse that you did not see a notice. If your school does email, see if any important notices are posted online or emailed.

Teachers wish children came to school with basis survival skills. What are these? Well, for starters, tying shoes! If you send your child to school with shoes that have laces, shame on you if the child cannot tie them alone. Yes, we know you like to take care of your child, but you also need to make them independent.

Turn off the TV, video games, and computers for at least a little while in the afternoon or evening. Children need active playtime and also time to study and do homework. Unplugging and playing active games will teach them skills as well.

Take a personal interest in your child and their day. Have conversations with them specifically about what they did. It will help your child grow and let you in on what goes on at school. You and your child both need this. Do this daily, and the talks will become longer, more meaningful, and maybe set the stage for lifetime communication.

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