Friday, December 1, 2017

Top 10 Gifts for Teachers

Every teacher does like gifts, but some are better than others. Not that they do not appreciate the thought, but sometimes the "junk" can pile up.

So here are the top 10 gifts for teachers:

10. A good book. Find out what genre your teacher likes, buy one that is off the mainstream list. That way, it will be one they have not read.

9. A plant. A living one. Get one that can be kept and grown in the classroom.

8.  Poster or art work for the classroom wall. Be sure and scope out the classroom first.

7. A good game or set of books for the classroom. Make it age appropriate.

6. A "Keep Well" basket. Fill it with various teas, vitamins, throat lozenges, honey, lip balm, hand lotion, etc.

5. Anything good that is edible. Donuts, chocolate, candy. You name it.

4. A gift basket that you have filled with pens, pencils, sticky notes, tape, notepad, etc., anything you can use in class. In place of a basket, use a plastic tote or container that they can reuse as storage.

3. Gift card from an office supply store. Teachers need supplies. Any amount will be appreciated.

2. Gift card for a spa day. Nails, feet, massage...let the teacher de-stress!

The Number One Gift for a Teacher is:
1. A handmade card or gift from a child thanking the teacher for doing a great job! The other gifts are neat, but from experience, I'll take a child's handmade creation any day.

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