Thursday, September 17, 2015

Planning for a Substitute Teacher

Teachers sometimes will be absent. With seminars, illness, and family concerns, teachers will need to take a day off. However, always remember that the best person in your classroom to teach, is you. You owe it to your students that a day will not be wasted just because you are not there.

If the absence is planned, make lesson plans that any sub can handle. They are not you, so don't expect them to be as good at teaching your material as you. But it should be academically related to what you are presently teaching.

Worksheets are fine in this case. Make them doable with little guidance, and be done alone. It's not a good idea to leave group activities for a substitute teacher. Discipline can be a problem.

Bookwork is fine, as long as you know each student will have a book with them. Older kids tend to fool around when passing out books, and getting them back on he shelf.

Be sure any bookwork is due by the end of the period or class. If it is not, students will not work and just want to play around.

Emergency substitute lesson plans should always be available. Leave them in a drawer or cabinet for easy access. Inform other teacher and the office where they are. Keep these plans up to date. If students think it is a throw away day, then it will be.

Elementary teachers can probably leave modified plans for all subjects. But remember, they cannot be a perfect replacement for you.

Tips for planning for a sub:

-Always have plans. Never make a sub wing it.
-Be sure and make the work gradeable in some form.
-Task should relate to current work.
-Make things as easy as possible for the sub teacher to follow and implement.
-Leave extra handouts for early finishers.
-Allow sub to modify anything, but make the sub accountable for turning in student work.
-It's not play time or a free day.
-Inform the sub of any special tasks or needs for the school and class.
-Leave a treat for the sub...a cookie, candy bar, etc. Make them feel special.
-A sub teacher is a professional. Treat them as such.
-Don't expect the day to go perfectly.
-Resist the urge to ask students for names of problem students. You already know who they are.
-Leave details about your teachers box, dismissal, duties, handouts, etc.

If you really want to know how to plan for a sub teacher, become one yourself. School districts make it possible for regular teachers to sub on days they can. Better still, if you are planning to be a teacher, work as a sub. It will open your eyes.

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