Monday, June 1, 2015

Traits to be a good teacher

One size does not fit all for teachers. That is, students come in all varieties of learning styles and backgrounds. Teaches also come different as well. But a child stepping into a classroom should expect certain things from a teacher. All teachers should have basic traits that are conducive to learning and teaching. Students rarely get to choose their classroom environment. You as the teacher are their one and only hope for the grade or subject they are in. So, what really makes a teacher do well enough so that all students are able to learn?

The teacher is a leader, not a drill sergeant. Leadership from a teacher is so much better than what a football coach does, driving their students like cattle.

Teachers keep it real. He or she is not fake. They are humble and unpretentious, but they demonstrate they have expert ability.

A teacher is a servant, not thinking about themselves first, but their students.

A teacher always shows kindness and is never harsh.

A teacher has obvious for a love of being in the classroom, and enjoys being there teaching in the company of students.

A teacher is even-handed, ethical, compassionate, amiable, sympathetic, generous, and unselfish.

A teacher is optimistic, not pessimistic. Hopeful, not discouraging. Trustful, not suspicious. Poised, not easily rattled.

A teacher is forgiving, cheerful, courageous, strong-willed, but tactful.

A teacher is tolerant, open, respectful.

What kind of teacher would you want?

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