Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Common Core Teaching Tips

Are you a teacher dealing with common core standards? Perhaps you are struggling or looking for ways to improve your classroom experience. Remember, common core standards are just that, standards. Good teaching has not gone out of style or replaced. But many teachers have not been taught good teaching practices in college. Doing the common core actually requires quite  bit of what one should call good teaching techniques.

First, many teachers have trouble getting students to collaborate on anything. Many don't even want to. But having students work together and help each other should be in every classroom. You cannot reach all students at once. Many students quickly grasp the material and can pass that along. If you were not doing this before, you should now. We will leave it up to you at this point to seek help on how to do group activities. One important tip is not NOT let students choose their own groups. You must divide them up evenly, with a good student in each group, as well as poorer students passed around as well. Your classroom has to be setup so that you can move quickly from groups to individual, as well as allowing the teacher to get around the classroom quickly. You won't stop "teaching" just because students are in groups. Another group work tip is to have students listen to you every few minutes. Students can get off track after awhile. So get them to look and listen to you at various times. You can answer questions and give feedback, as well as perhaps steer them back in the right direction.

Before planning lessons, look at the standards. Single out some that you know students either don't know, or will have difficulty doing. Place more emphasis on these. Also, your lessons do not need to only cover one standard. All lessons you do should included multiple standards.

You will still need to stand in front of the class and lecture. But good teaching is not just lecturing. It is engaging.  Ask questions,  get feedback,  change your voice inflection, be animated. Most teachers have not heard that being a good listener is also required to be a good learner.

Just because it's "common core," it does not mean that you can't interject your own material, ideas, and techniques.

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