Sunday, February 3, 2013

Become a school counselor

This is National School Counseling Week, and school counselors will be celebrating their career choice. Have you been thinking about becoming a teacher, but thought it wasn't quite right for you? Perhaps you still want to get into the education field, but are having trouble with a career choice. Becoming a school counselor may be just the choice for you! You will be able to work with kids, helping them, without being in charge of a classroom at a time. School counselor is a rewarding job that can make a difference.

School counselors work with students at all schools, all grades, and all ages. They will help with education choices, but they do other things as well. They help students plan careers, discuss learning strategies, and help with the academic success of students. But they also deal with personal issues like drug abuse, conflicts, even family matters. Anything that affects the student in any way, a counselor is trained to deal with it.

Students are not the only ones a school counselor works with. They work with parents and teachers, helping each one to understand and plan for the needs of the student. They will help parents understand their student's achievement level. Counselors can help parents plan for their child's college and career choice. They are there to provide resources and references for teachers and parents. Teachers can readily get help for classroom interventions.

School counselors can also help teachers with lesson planning, helping to adapt them to students. Counselors can help with study skills and general academic support.

Administrators are also part of the mix. School counselors help with school policies on bullying, conflict resolution, as well as picking speakers for assemblies. School counselors will be expected to understand the school atmosphere and overall needs of the student body.

Counselors may also work with outside people and organizations, setting up job opportunities, shadowing, or other employment experiences. High school counselors are most involved with helping students with career and college choices.

Job opportunities will continue to grow for school counselors. And company or organization, from schools to residential facilities, utilize counselors. Counselors will become more involved in vocational training and drug abuse as the country changes and faces challenges in new ways.

How do you become a school counselor? First thing is to contact a local college, or a college in your state of choice. They will have all the details and requirements. Generally, a school counselor gets a bachelor's degree, then goes on for a school counselor credential. Normally these are graduate level programs, giving you the school counselor credential and a master's degree at the same time.

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