Monday, September 3, 2012

Teachers and the internet

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Teachers and the internet can be a powerful combination. You can find quite a lot if stuff to help you out in your classroom. But many teachers make the mistake of using the internet as a crutch, or worse, as a substitute for quality teaching. Don't make that mistake. There are three ways the internet can really be an educational partner.

First, worksheets. Creating and printing worksheets has never been easier. The internet has a plethora of sites for you to get free worksheets for virtually any subject. In that past, teachers would need stacks of old worksheet booklets to use each year. No more. >> Find and create free worksheets online.

Next is lesson plans. Don't have a lesson plan idea? Don't panic. The internet is full of lesson plans and ideas. If you have some of your own favorites, there are sites for you to share your ideas as well. >> Find lesson plans and tips.

Teaching tips and articles are abundant online. Again, there are several good books, but if you can find good, solid teaching ideas and tips online, why would you need to buy a book? >> Find teaching articles and tips.

Do not think that the internet can solve all your problems, or is to be used all the time. It's not. Don't become lazy. Never stop learning from others. Keep networking with your fellow teachers.

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