Friday, June 17, 2011

Teachers and Summer "Vacation"

What is the first thing teachers should do over any summer break? Take a vacation. The school year is a long and grueling one. Teachers need to recharge. Even if this means just relaxing at home, you need to relax and enjoy life. Set aside two to four weeks to do nothing but rest and relaxation.

You may choose to earn extra money. Teachers can tutor students, or maybe even teach a class a local college. Many community services need volunteers in various programs. Work with kids at your church. If you are a newer teacher, any extra interaction with kids in an educational setting is good experience. But remember to set aside that vacation time. They say that students suffer and forget when they are off for three months or so. Well, the same thing happens to teachers. Teaching is an art and a skill. It takes practice.

Teachers should take time to reflect over the last school year. Decide what worked and what did not. What did you have problems with? How can you get better? Summer break is a perfect time to regroup and rethink your teaching strategies. If you have never done a diary or log book, you should start out next year with one. You will write down failures, successes, and questions that you had during the school term.

Read some teacher books. These can be teaching tips or even inspirational stories from other teachers. No reason to just read the latest crime novel while sitting on the beach. Make your summer reading list one that will make next year successful. >>Best books for teachers.

Set aside a part of your closet or drawers for newly found teaching tools. On your vacation travels or trips, you may go to museums and other educational venues like zoos or national parks. Pick up literature, pictures, books, and other things that you may be able to use in your classroom. Many of these items are free. Check out the gift shops for paid items.

Stay in the loop with other teachers. Teachers need support from other teachers. Teachers can also be support to others. Stay in contact and even meet with them.

Teachers should never let a summer be wasted. When people tell you that you have three months off, remind them that you are not really taking it off. You are learning and improving. Whether you are a veteran or new teacher, you need this time to prepare. Remember how many times you said last year that you had no time?

As soon as you know what grade and subjects you are teaching next year, start preparing. Get copies of any new textbooks. Start the first four weeks of lesson plans. Wouldn't you like to start off the school year with four weeks of planning done?

Think about that as you begin your summer! As soon as one year ends, teachers should be getting ready for the next!

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