Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Teachers and Homework Policy

The L.A. Unified School District just made a major district wide policy change regarding homework. No teacher can count more than 10% of a student's grade from homework.

There were several reasons for this. They don't want students passing classes and getting credit from busy work. Teachers, admit it. Your homework most of the time is busy work.

Teachers should be grading students on skills and performance, not completed work.

Do you know another perk from this policy? Teachers may feel a little better when they don't assign homework. Less work to collect, grade, and record. Less work for you is a good thing.

Not all students have a home life or situation that is conducive to doing the many types of homework teachers are inclined to give. The best homework for all students, is work that can be done by everyone.

You don't want to saddle students with work just because. Sadly, many administrators and principals want teachers to assign tons of homework.

And how about teachers who give homework as a punishment? (Most students feel it is a punishment anyway.) It makes students think badly about school and school work. If it is seen as a punishment, how eager are students to show up for your class? You want a positive classroom as much as possible.

Homework should never be a drudgery or an onerous chore. It should be an enriching, enjoyable learning experience. Don't you think it's silly to give out 50 of the same problems? Math teachers are most guilty of this.

The best place to do 50 problems is in your class. You are the teacher and facilitator. What help can the students really get outside of class?

Don't assign homework on a Thursday night. This will give you less to collect and grade over the weekend. Your weekends should be as free as can be to lower your stress.

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