Monday, April 25, 2011

Teachers supplemental income sources

Many teachers are like most people. They have felt the pinch of the economic times. many teachers are cutting back or looking for ways to increase the income. For teachers, the part time job opportunities are not plentiful. But there are some creative ways that a teacher can earn more money.

Be a home teacher. No, this is not homeschool, but teaching students in the home. Most districts have a home teaching program for students who are not able to get to school. This can be due to broken legs, sickness, or other reasons. Normally the in-home schooling is temporary. You basically drop off work, make assignments, and grade so the student does not fall behind. Since this is done after school, the hours are perfect. Ask your district if they have such a program.

Become a coach or other leader. These are part time positions, after school, that pay. Assistant coaches may be paid as well. Some clubs that are school sanctioned need coaches or learners. They may come with pay as well, especially if you travel to sites for competitions. Like academic decathlons.

You can be a private tutor working for yourself, or even be hired by a company like Kumon or Kaplan.

If you are off track or on break, you may sign up to be a substitute teacher. Many districts give full time teachers precedence when calling subs. If you work at secondary schools, many times you can even sub for one period during your prep time.

Speaking of secondary teachers, many times they may be short a teacher. You can volunteer to teach an extra class during your prep time. In other words, instead of working 5 periods with 1 off, you work all 6.

Although real estate has taken a dive, weekends are good for working as a part time real estate agent.

If you are a teacher who needs a little extra money, consider your options in the teaching field. There may be some part time income already available to you from your district.

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