Sunday, April 17, 2011

Make your classroom a little greener.

It's just a small step, but teachers can make their classrooms a little greener. This will also instill a little more green attitude in your students, and maybe they will be a greener generation.

Use less paper in your classroom. Have a paper free day once in awhile. They can do things on the board and answer questions orally. Having a worksheet free day is actually good teaching, as well as not using paper or electricity from the copy machine.

Put recycle containers in your room for paper scraps, glass, plastic, maybe aluminum. Students can recycle the things they bring from home. Some teachers have students pick up trash on school grounds, but this takes planning. You don't want students injuring themselves or getting sick from garbage.

Have students bring refillable water bottles. This will save on trips to the drinking fountain as well. It may have unintended consequences, like more trips to the rest room. You may limit the time they can sip.

Bring plants in as decorations. Your students will learn to appreciate the beauty of plants. Maybe even plant some outside.

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