Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tips on Lesson Planning

Successful teaching starts with a successful lesson plan. Teachers probably learned the basics of lesson planning in college, but going over some tips can be helpful. New teachers will use some sort of lesson plan template to start off. Veteran teachers probably have it memorized. Let's start the lesson plan tips.

All lessons should have some correlation to state standards. That's what your job is. To teach the state mandated curriculum and standards. Your first task is to write down what you expect the students to be able to do. That is, the lesson's objective. It is a good idea to actually state what standards you are teaching. If you do not have a copy of the standards, get one.

Next, what materials are going to be needed? This includes books, page numbers, paper, pencils, projector, white board, etc. Anything that will be needed by you and the students. Think of any potential problems you or the students may have.

Start off the lesson with some sort of activity that not only introduces the lesson, but gets the students interest. This can be anything. A question, a story, a presentation, anything that will make the students hungry for more information. Read our article on student motivation for more information.

Will the students be getting new words to learn and understand? Be sure and make a note of these and be prepared to explain the meanings and how that meaning is in context to the lesson.

What will you do to present the lesson? This will probably include some sort of lecture and demonstration combination. Allow the students to discover things on their own during this time as well. This is where good planning comes in.

In any lesson, you will need to model the behavior you want, then give the students a chance for independent practice. This can even be working with a partner.

The final part of a lesson plan will be how you determine what the students have mastered. This can be a short written quiz, or better still, orally with the class and teacher.

Tie up any loose ends by having a question and answer session.

If you are assigning homework, be sure and have this written down ahead of time. Glance over the problems. A wise teacher will go over in class any advanced problems before dismissal.

One last important point about lesson planning. Plan more than enough. You do not want dead time at the end of class with nothing to do. Keeping your students engaged and busy is one of the best things you can do for classroom management. Have something for the students to do while others are finishing.

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