Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things good teachers do!

College does not teach you all you need to know to be a teacher. Some of it is on the job training. In fact, quite a bit is. There are little nuances that good teachers know and incorporate into their teaching and classrooms. You can raise the odds of you being a good teacher if you do the following.

Teachers need to have a positive attitude and want to be there. Show up to each teaching day as if it is the best day ever. Greet your students enthusiastically each and every day. Be ready and well prepared, tackling the lesson plans with fervor! Your enthusiasm will be contagious. Your students will be enthusiastic as well.

Teachers, you don't have to take everything seriously. Put a little humor into your day and lesson plans. Don't let little things bother you. The more congenial you are, the more congenial your students will be. They will see that you are not easily angered and will appreciate that. Laugh some things off, and you will lower your stress level as well!

Demand performance from your students. Don't compromise on standards or goals. You need to want your students to perform at the highest level. Don't water anything down. Demand your students perform! The more you demand, the more you will get.

Teachers must be consistent and fair. Your students must know what is expected from them on a daily basis. Get your students into a routine. This helps with your classroom discipline as well. Don't be wishy-washy. Your students will not trust you. But in being consistent, you must be fair. If you are constantly changing things due to lack of response, then you will need to change. Sometimes you have to have a little wiggle room. Sometimes teaching can be the art of compromising without looking like you are compromising. When your students know you are fair, they will perform accordingly.

Which leads to the last one. Teachers, you've got to be flexible. Sometimes thing don't go right and you have to adjust. Sometimes you will ask too much of your students and will need to alter the lesson plans. Things happen. Flexibility works hand in hand with being fair. This does not mean you treat students differently. Far from it. You treat the class the same way, being flexible for all students when necessary.

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