Friday, March 18, 2011

Maintain an orderly and productive classroom.

Classroom discipline and management go hand in hand. You need to maintain order while creating a good learning environment. Here are a few tips to keep things going well in your classroom.

Have few or no classroom rules. The less rules you have, the less things you will be worrying about. Students are already expected to behave properly as soon as they are on school grounds. Your classroom is no different. Almost all things that students do to disrupt class are minor and can be dealt with just a look or pause. Move on quickly. If your students know they can push your buttons, they will. Students will know that your classroom is for working, not goofing off. Don't let them win the game of disruption.

You must have a discipline plan. But less is better. You cannot be dealing with consequences all the time. Make your class conducive to learning, not goofing off. Be fair and balanced. Expect the best from your students. Give everyone a chance to pass. Make your class interesting without being entertaining. You can be humorous, but not a clown. If your students know your classroom is a place to work and be treated fairly, most of your problems go away.

Call home frequently. This is the best trick to maintain discipline.

Have a positive attitude each and every day. Treat students with respect. Want to be there to teach. Know your subject. Be over prepared. Plan your class to the fullest. Give your students reasons for wanting to learn. Get their attention and interest and keep it.

Tomorrow is another day. Forget the troubles of yesterday and move on!

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