Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teachers, prepare for the month of March!

Teaching can be a rewarding job, but it is also tiring and stressful. While February is one of the best months, March can be one of the most stressful.

This is the middle of the school year. You are probably tired and feeling a little stressful. Because you are fresh, September and October seem to fly by. But March has no holidays and it is a long month. The time stretch between President's Day and Spring Break is quite long. If you are a new or veteran teacher, it can be quite a burnout month. Take a deep breath.

Since there is a week before President's Day, you are now aware that that will be the last good break for a while. Use it wisely. Relax. Do not take home a lot of work during this holiday. You will need it to rest. So, watch the assignments you give out and mark the due dates. Don't let anything interfere with your relaxation in this break!

This is a time to reflect on the teaching year. What has been successful? What has failed? Be determined to work on things that need improving.

Go with the long stretch! This will be a golden opportunity to not have anything get in the way of the continuity of student learning. Many teachers complain that students lose something over the summer. Well, it's the same during holidays and breaks. Be determined to really get your students down to business! You will build momentum and not have it slowed down!

Pat yourself on the back for getting through half the year! This stretch will end, then Spring Break, and boom. Next thing you know, it's Memorial Day and the last days of school!

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