Monday, February 7, 2011

February is best month to be an elementary teacher

Except for September, perhaps February is the best month to be an elementary teacher. There is so much going on.

It is the middle of the school year. You have gotten to know and love all of your students. They all know and love you. February is the one month when there is so much going on and full of things to do with your class. There will be cold days, rainy days, and snow days. Just the kind of days that say "school time."

Ground Hog day. This day can be fun. Doing a lesson on winter, spring, and the legend of the ground hog and his shadow.

Black History Month. February is Black History month and no doubt your school will have some activities going on. The perfect time to do a little history on topics that may not be main stream, but certainly worth doing.

Valentine's Day. If ever there was a fun day in school, it has to be Valentine's Day. This can be a better party day than Christmas or Halloween. Crafts and activities are just too many to do! Have fun with it.

Abraham Lincoln's birthday. No doubt Mr. Lincoln may the best known and loved of all presidents. Perfect for stories, coloring, and activities.

George Washington's birthday. Every school kid should know about Washington. The activities are endless.

The federal holiday is now called President's Day, but many state and local districts take off for both Lincoln and Washington on separate days.

What else in February? How about leap year, or non leap year? Give the kids a little calendar history as well!

Being an elementary teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs there are. And the month of February is one of the best months of the school year!

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