Friday, January 14, 2011

Two biggest mistakes teachers make

New teachers, and even old ones, sometimes are ripe for mistakes in their teaching procedures. Some teaching mistakes are minor and are immaterial to the overall scheme of classrooms. However, each and every teacher should be aware that there are at least two huge mistakes that can be costly.

The first is being best friends with your students. You are not a friend, but a teacher. This does not mean you cannot befriend students. Big difference. You are the adult, they are the child. You are not to become buddies. Too many teachers take the approach that being a teacher involves being a friend to every student. This "friend" definition is really more close to winning a popularity contest. Teachers err by doing things that will get students to like them, as opposed to doing things to get students to learn. Teacher must demand and get respect. If not, your whole classroom discipline falls flat or even fails. Your students actually want you to be a leader. To teach. To grade fairly. To demand that they perform to the utmost of their ability. That's your job, actually.

The other big mistake teachers make is by being very lax or have a nonexistent discipline plan. Or worse, one that is not enforced the same way all the time. You must have a discipline plan and stick to it. This is in direct correlation to the first mistake above. You cannot waiver on this. If you do not start out on the right, firm foot, you will have a very tough year. Do not think that you can get by without one, and then later, come up with one if needed. It will be too late and next to impossible. Like putting toothpaste back in a tube.

If you are a new teacher and need help, get it!

>>Help for new teachers.

>>Teacher resources on campus.

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