Monday, December 13, 2010

Things teachers should avoid

Being a teacher is one of the greatest jobs in the world. But there are some mistakes that can kill a career and certainly your effectiveness as a teacher. Avoid these and you will strengthen your teaching.

Getting burned out. You have heard of the five year wall. Many teachers quit before or on their fifth year. They have worked too hard. You have got to avoid this. Read some tips on teacher stress and burnout here.

Not asking for help. Ask for help as soon as you need it! Your fellow teachers are the best resource you can get. Most will bend over backwards to help. But you have to ask! Start with the teacher next door. Read more tips on getting teaching help here.

Not contacting parents. Parents are your first line of defense. You need to build a relationship with them. Never contact a parent for the first time when compaining about a student.

No organization. Teachers, organization is job one. It will also lower your stress. Your classroom management will help with this.

Being afraid to discipline. You are not the students friend in the real sense. Don't become buddies with students. You are a teacher. Your discipline is part of the learning process. If you do not discipline the right way, you will fail. Read tips on classroom discipline here.

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