Friday, December 3, 2010

Teachers: De-stress over the Holiday Break!

 Teachers, you have made it this far in the year. Are you ready for a nice break? You betcha! But teachers should use their breaks to regroup and de-stress. If there is anything you would like to change in your classroom, starting things in January is a good idea!

Teachers can make some New Year's resolutions of their own. Get your classroom discipline and classroom management in order. Think about what has worked. Think about what has not worked. Be determined to make a good change in your teaching style and results. You can make your students start new also. The time for teacher reflection is during this long break. Use it to your advantage to make things go smoother the rest of the year. There is a long way to go! If you are a new teacher, read some new teacher tips here.

Teacher Stress!
Yes, teaching is stressful! You need to take some time off and relax. The holiday break is the perfect time. But it can also be a bad time. You will be busy with shopping, parties, families, among other things. You have got to set aside some time for yourself to de-stress! A good time is shortly after Christmas. Once all the family and holiday stuff is done, relax! One big secret to teaching is that teachers NEED breaks! Don't overdo anything. You will not go back to your classroom in decent shape if you do. You need to regroup and recharge. You have a long rest of the school year ahead of you. Take advantages of school breaks! Read teacher stress tips here.

Humor can work wonders to lessen your stress. Read The Truth About Teachers for a little chuckle.

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