Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lesson Plan and Classroom Principles

Lesson planning can take several forms. All teachers have heard them. Get the lesson started with some gimmick, model, individual practice, then assess. However, there are nuances to teaching that one should incorporate in all aspects of your classroom interaction with students.

First thing is time. Your time management as a teacher is crucial. You need estimate the time you need and the time the students need to complete the task at hand. It is actually worse to run out of time than have time left over. Never cut your classroom learning time short.

Your lessons must get students to actively be involved. Your students must be engaged. Yes, some stuff will be boring, but keep your students engaged and interested during most times. Shoot for 100% student engagement and active learners.

Assessment is vital. The sooner the better. You need feedback ASAP. A teacher that knows when their students are "getting it" and when they are not is imperative to a successful classroom. Ask questions. Wander around the room. Interact with students. Allow them to interact together. Use all ways of determining and assuring student achievement.

If you can, instill some teamwork in your class. Not everything needs to be done alone. Your students can be some of the best teachers. Allow students to interact with each other and you often.

If all of your lesson plans have all of the above, your teaching is on the right track!

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