Friday, November 19, 2010

Teaching Tips

Here is a few quick teaching tips.

Vary the way you teach. Don't just lecture or do one thing. Your students will get in a rut and be bored. Bored students don't learn. Get them involved with discussion or hands on activities. When you do lecture, walk around the room. Surprise your students each day with something new.

Be a fair teacher. Treat everyone the same. Make your rules stick, but maintain your options. A fair, but firm teacher is treated with more respect.

Try teaching one day without a book, students taking notes, or collecting anything. Your students will love it, and you will get a break from grading. You can give points that day by attendance. Have one day a week where students do not need to bring a book to class. You will be surprised at how much students can actually learn this way. Plus, they'll enjoy it.

Dress as if you were a professional. Actually, teachers ARE professionals! You should dress and act like one. Use casual appropriate dress if warranted.

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