Monday, November 29, 2010

Teaching Tip: Passing back papers

Teachers are always pressed for time. The teaching hour can go by so quickly. The more your classroom management is down, especially for time consuming tasks like collecting papers and passing them back. If that is you, here is a few tips on paper collecting, passing back, and even distributing materials.

Collecting student work
You could put a box near the front classroom door with an "IN" box where students drop off papers as they walk in. If you have more than one class, us a box for each class. A standup folder works well, too. If you wish, you can have just one box and empty it while the students are working or in between classes.

If you need to collect an in-class assignment, you should be teaching or bridging to the next task while students pass their papers in. It is better to have students pass papers up, then to the left or right. That way, they all end up at the same place. You won't have to walk around to collect them. If your room is set up in such a fashion, the student that sits nearest your desk could just put all papers on it. You may be able to come up with variations of your own that work well. You never want to waste classtime waiting, doing nothing, while papers are passed in.

You could reverse the collection process. Students hold their papers and put them in the "IN" box on their way out.

Passing out classroom materials
Again, never waste class time while passing out material to your students like worksheets. There should be a bridge activity, even an oral one. A good way to pass out paper or handouts is to give them to no more than 2 students and let them pass them out. An alternate way is to give half to the row on the right, and half to the row on the left, and each student takes one and passes the rest on. It is time consuming for you to count.

Passing back completed student work
This can be time consuming. Passing back 30 papers to the right students can be tricky. You should have a sponge activity to start class, about 5 minutes. You should readily be able to pass back all papers within that time. Of course knowing the student's names helps! Learn them fast.

An alternative way is to do something similar as passing out material. Give half the pile to each side of the room, students grab their own papers. Do this during the sponge activity as well.

You can choose to pass back papers at the end. No reason to not end about 4 minutes early or so and pass them back. The last couple of minutes can be a little chaotic as the students are getting ready to leave.

You certainly want to think of these things before the situation arises. Simple tasks like these can be a chore and time consuming if not done right. Read more classroom management tricks by going here.

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