Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taking Attendance Tips

Attendance is something every teacher must do. Probably you need to do this first and foremost to start the day or class. Taking too much time or not doing it accurately will only cause problems. Teachers need a system to do it quick, accurately, and without causing any loss of teaching time. There are various ways this can be done. Some take longer.

Before taking attendance, teachers need to have an activity that students start doing immediately after the bell rings. Put a short assignment on the board. Click here: to read more classroom management techniques.

Calling students' names out loud is one common way. But it does take more time than other techniques. After a while, you will get it done quicker, but it can still be a hassle. Always call names while students are working on something. If you call names and they are just sitting there, you are wasting time.

Having assigned seating makes attendance quick. Lower grades most always have assigned seating. No problem. Upper grades can have students switch around depending on their mood or when they enter the class. But, most often even these students like to sit in the same place. During the first week, tell students you are going to make a seating chart in week two. That way, they can scramble around to find where they like sitting. Of course talkers may need to be moved. Once you have a seating chart, only a quick glance will show you who is not here.

For smaller grades, you can have a wall pocket chart with the students name. When they enter, they grab their name and put it on their desk. A quick glance will show which students did not grab their names. Good idea to put a homework box near the chart for quick drop off as well. If you do circle time or rug activity in your class first, this is the best technique. Students grab their names, put homework in box, then put their stuff on or in their desks. Then move to the rug.

Of course all attendance techniques must be time modified depending on how the school does the paper work. You should keep dual attendance records. That is, you fill out the official forms, but also mark it in your grade book. Some districts will give a printout the next day as to who was absent.

Taking attendance quick and accurately is a first step in classroom management.

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