Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two things a teacher must do in order to be successful

Teaching is not like the movies. You cannot walk into a classroom full of kids and just wow them. You cannot do things on the spot, making stuff up as you go along. Your classroom will have no continuity, focus, rhyme or reason. That's not good teaching. Here are two things teachers need to get squared away to have a truly successful classroom.

Classroom Management.
Classroom management is the day to to day tasks. How you take attendance, collect papers, transition from one lesson to the next, student dismissal, anything that goes with running a classroom. Teachers need a routine. They need a plan. Your students need familiarity with what goes on and know what to expect. Get this down, and your class will have a better chance of running smoothly. The first thing you need is a routine for coming in and starting the class. This can be a handout or boardwork. While students are working on this, you are collecting homework, taking attendance, etc. Don't make this a short assignment. You don't want them to finish before you. You need to keep them busy and focused. Click here for help with classroom management.

Classroom Discipline.
Classroom discipline is the way you deal with problems your students may cause through their behavior. It is NOT classroom management. A few things are important when getting to classroom discipline. A quiet class is not always a working class. Little act-ups are not worth making federal cases out of. Major problems are few and far between. Teachers can cause more problems. You don't really need a list of rules. Does this sound different than what you have heard? Classroom discipline can be as hard as you make it. Again, classroom management is key. Don't give your students a reason or time to act up. Here is just a short scenario. Students like to play with bathroom breaks to cause disruptions and see how far they can go. If you let bathroom breaks be a problem, THEY WILL be a problem! If the class knows that you will not let them go within the first 15 minutes of class, but you WILL let them go, guess what? Problem solved. You can also have a one-student-out-of-the-room at a time policy. Again, problem solved. You can also have a no students goes within 5 minutes of another. Problem solved. The reason the problem gets solved is because now your students know you are not confrontational. Your button cannot be pushed by bathroom breaks. They also have the freedom to go. And they like that. Take that freedom away, and you will have chaos. Most little behavior problems are caused by students feeling they are "oppressed." You may have to modify this for your classroom. You can't get everything from reading, just general tips. >Click here for more real world classroom discipline tips.

You are not the same as another teacher. Never let another teacher snooker you into becoming and acting like them. They all have one good idea, but not everything they say and do is golden. This is especially true of education professors in college, sadly. But you probably found that out the first day of teaching!

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