Monday, August 2, 2010

Start and end class with classroom management

Teachers, if you do not have your classroom management set and in practice, your classroom is probably not being run very effectively. All other things that go on in your classroom hinge on your classroom management.

Now remember, classroom management is not what you do for discipline. Classroom Discipline is a whole other ballgame. Classroom management is how you run your classroom from start to finish.

It is a method. It's opening your class properly, it's doing daily things like collecting papers, it's dismissing your class properly, and everything else in between.

Your classroom management is a plan and routine you follow daily. If you have a routine, your students know what to expect and when. Your classroom discipline will also improve.

Here are just a few tips. Have your students doing something the minute they walk in the classroom. Put a daily problem or discussion question on the board. You don't actually want students to finish it. You want them to be working while you do daily items like attendance, collect papers, etc. Then while they are still working, you discuss the problem on the board. This morphs you into the today's lesson.

You basically need the same routine to end. Your students should be actively engaged up until 1 second before the bell rings. You don't want them done even 5 minutes before. Your students will squirm, talk, and maybe even stand up and head for the door! You can do this by having an oral discussion as to what they should have learned.

The more students have a routine in your classroom, the better. They need to be engaged in learning from the moment they enter, to the moment they leave.

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