Friday, August 20, 2010

How GREEN is your classroom?

Are you a green teacher? Are you trying to create a green classroom? The first thing you can do is reduce paper. Try to have paper-less days. Do more oral, group, and board work. Not every assignment needs to be graded. Not every day do students need to turn things in. School is about learning, not necessarily remembering or memorization. Have a class discussion.

You can call more than one student up to the board to work on problems. Call on students to add sentences or answer questions on the board. They love that.

White board or chalk board? I can only assume that a traditional chalkboard is more environmentally friendly than a white board. White board markers have chemicals and fumes. But the chalk does stir up dust. Do a little research to find out!

Recycle all scraps of paper! If students do not need to take home paper assignments, keep a recycle bin for this purpose. If you teach at a secondary school, all students can recycle paper from all their other classrooms.

Encourage students to refill water bottles.

However, you do not necessarily want this to be school wide all at once. You may be thought of as a pest. Start working slowly on your colleagues and students!

For more GREEN classroom information, go to: Creating a green classroom.

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