Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three ways teachers can use the internet daily

The internet is a great place for teachers, especially when you are looking a quick teaching idea or tool, a worksheet, or even general teacher stuff. Teachers should actually spend a few hours on the weekends looking over what things they can use in the upcoming weeks. But mostly teachers will use the internet three ways.

1) Printing out worksheets. The internet is a great place to find worksheets to start a lesson, fill in between or before lessons, or even enhance lessons. While it may be difficult to find specific worksheets on all subjects, the internet shines when it comes to printing out math worksheets. Many times you can create custom worksheets geared for your class grade. You can find other general worksheets like graph paper and graphic organizers.

2)Finding quick teaching tools or ideas. If you need something quick or a teaching tool, many sites have such things. This can be good if you show up to school and "forgot" something.

3)Teacher information on various grade levels and subjects is right at your finger tips. You can find what other teachers are doing, join groups, network with other teachers online, or find professional teaching organizations.

>>Click here to find quick teaching tools, like graphic organizers.

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