Monday, July 12, 2010

Teachers, how positive is your classroom?

Are your students encountering a positive atmosphere when they walk into your classroom? Are you a teacher who constantly nags and complains about what is not being done? Are the walls of your classroom bare or devoid of student work? Then you probably do not have a positive classroom.

Two quick things you can do to create a more positive environment. First, you have got to stay upbeat on the outside. Never let your anger or disappointment get the better of you. You will lose your students. Encourage them at all times and try and put something positive toward everyone. Second, get some student work up on the walls! No matter what level or subject, you can and should put work up on the wall. And don't be shy. Fill up the space and use work from each and every student. One example is when I taught math at a large public high school. At least twice a month we did an art project that had a math theme. All work went up on the walls. There were times when my classroom had no blank space at all. You do not need to spend money on posters. Your students can create all you need.
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