Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teachers, Be there for your students!

The one important thing that teachers can do to be effective is: Be there.

Sounds simple? Many teacher have a habit of not only not being accessible, but literally not showing up period.

You as the teacher of your students are the best one to be instructing them. Take as few sick days off as you can. Have your classroom discipline and classroom management down so that you are not working nights and weekends on school stuff. This will lead to burn-out, which will lead to you being tempted to take days off.

Teachers also need to make themselves available for tutoring. You are the best person to be doing this. See your students during lunch, and before and after school. If this sounds like it will be a hassle, do it once or twice a week. Make a point to allow your students to get help from you.

Making yourself available actually can lessen problems you have in class. If students know you are approachable outside of class time, they just may be better behaved in class.

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