Sunday, July 18, 2010

Teachers assigning homework just because...

Teachers, you need to understand the value of homework, as well as the nonvalue of homework. Homework should not be given just because you fee l the need to assign homework. Many teachers are under the false impression that more homework makes a better student. It doesn't.

First and foremost, homework should be given as an adjunct activity. Not more of the same old same old drill and kill. You have the classroom for that. It should be something that enhances the learning and reinforces why a student should be learning what you are teaching. Many teacher feel they have no time to do fun or extra activities. BINGO! Homework is the perfect vehicle for this!

Here's just a short tip about homework. Never assign it on Thursday. That way, no homework to grade or report over the weekend.

Your students' jobs are going to school. Why on earth would you want to burden them further? Most jobs do not require hours of extra things to complete at home. (Teaching being an exception, of course) If we want students think "real world," then we need to get them doing real world things.

For more tips on how teachers can assign homework click here.


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