Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Way Teachers Can Really Save Their District Money

Are you a teacher afraid of budget cuts?

There is a very simple thing that all teachers can do to save their district money.

Have perfect attendance.

If you work for a large district, the money they spend on substitute teachers is enormous. I worked as one when the pay was $60 a day. Now it can be as high as $150-200. Think about the math on this one. Everyday you call for a sub costs the district money. It also costs your students time. Time spent with their real teacher. Subs are real teachers and some are good. I was real good. But not even close to the teaching your students get from you. Be a role model for your students to have perfect attendance. During my first year as a math teacher in a large inner city high school, I had perfect attendance. I got a small certificate as a reward. The real reward was in being there for my students. I was appalled that so many teachers call in sick or take off.

My school had perhaps 150 teachers with an absent rate of about 5% a day. 5 percent of 150 is about 7 teachers. 7 times an average of $100 is $700 a day. My district had 2 large high schools and 3 large middle schools. That's a huge amount of money going out for just secondary. We had dozens of elementary schools. If the rate was the same, we are talking thousands of dollars a year wasted on substitute teachers. Well, not wasted in every case. Some subs do good jobs, some teachers need to take off. But seriously, if you are a veteran teacher, shame on you if you are out regularly.

This school year is ending. Be determined to get that perfect attendance award and encourage your fellow teachers to do the same!

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