Friday, July 9, 2010

Get students into education with the real world

Many students always ask, when are we going to use this? Especially in math. well, the truth is, most of them will not. But, lots of professions do, and many of your students will become a profession that uses all sorts of skills they learn in school.

A good way to pique the interests of students, even if they do not have any thoughts of using these skills in the future, is to get them to look at how people and companies around them use them. Also, a look at the past is helpful as well.

Here are three websites to help with this.

Link: Top 10 women in math history
This website gives a short description of some fantastic women in history who had an influence in the world of math. The purpose of this site was to get people interested in the history of math, women in math, and how cool doing things with math can be.

Link: Jobs that use math
This website does not give normal jobs. Instead, it uses jobs that high school students may think of as "cool." Reading about just how much math there is in certain jobs can be a way to interest students in math.

Link: Fun and amazing facts about the United States
How do you get students really interested in history? By finding out some off the wall facts about their country. Learn about some things about the United States that puts another slant on history. Here's one that may get even you interested: Did you know that some of Ghandi's ashes are in the United States? Visit the site to fond out where.

After visiting the sites above, maybe you can come up with a website of your own to give some real world information, or make your subject interesting.

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