Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free online resources for teachers

The internet has a wealth of information for teachers. But it also has teaching tools and materials that for the most part are free. Many teachers do an online search before going out and buying something. Here are some terrific examples for teachers.

Math worksheets: You can create and print out free math worksheets. You can use ones that are pre-made, or create custom ones. These can be used for many grade levels. Click here to start creating math worksheets. If you are a math teacher, or need more math printouts, click here for free graph paper and other math worksheets.

Quick teaching tools and resources: Do you need a calendar? Perhaps a coloring page, word search or crossword puzzle. Maybe graphic organizers. These and more are available free online. You won't have to buy a teacher printout book again. Click here for online teaching tools.

Subject specific resources. The internet is full of professional websites for teachers of all subjects and grades. You can get teaching ideas and see the latest teaching methods in your subject. Click here for a k-12 teacher resources guide.

Latest education news: Do you like staying up to date on what's happening in education across the country and world? Click here for the latest education news.


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