Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Five things a teacher must do to be effective

Teachers cannot be effective if they lack certain qualities or are determined to actual teach in a professional, but warm manner. Here are five things you as a teacher should strive to do.

1) Be in school, all the time, taking off only when necessary. Your students suffer academically each and every time you miss class.

2)Teachers need to be available. Every school day you should never turn a student away who needs and wants help before school, lunch time, and after school. You are the best tutor a student could ever get.

3)Introduce yourself to your students' parents and always stay in touch.

4) Be a fair and balanced teacher. Grade scales, assignments, behaviors are modified for your class on a daily basis.

5) Never, ever get angry or upset in class or you will lose all respect as a teacher pretty quick. Oh it may work for a few minutes, but then what?

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