Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Teaching Tricks and Tips

Having trouble keeping track of your originals? Use a neon (not dark) yellow highlighter and write the word "original" across the top. The word will not show up when making copies. You may have to experiment with colors, as some may faintly show up.

Have your class "adopt a hallway" or other part of the school. Your class will make sure it is clean and tidy. Encourage other teachers to do the same.

Show educational films after school in your classroom. Documentaries, nature, etc. are good topics. Many times you can't or should not show movies in class. Invite students and parents to attend. You can even have snacks. Make it an education movie afternoon.

A good way to get your students working together is to tell them they must ask at least three classmates for "help" before asking the teacher.

Do you see things in the classroom that are not provided by the district, such as hand sanitizer, baby wipes (good for cleanup), and other items you may need? Ask students if any parent may wish to "donate" items. You will be surprised as to how many do.

If you teach elementary, have a backpack-free classroom. There really is no need to these kids to bring a backpack to school, right? It has just become a given that kids and backpacks go hand in hand. But what are they for? Not much! Except for jamming up the classroom and causing problems!

Play background music while students work. Find appropriate mood music that will be soft and inspiring at the same time.

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