Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do you just lecture?

Students being actively engaged in learning at all times should be the goal of every teacher.

Too many times teachers hear that they need a quiet class to be successful. Not so. A quiet class, except during a test, may not show much at all except a quiet class.

Students who are working, talking, creating, discussing, are actively engaged in learning.

Do you just lecture? If so, do you stop after every few sentences and ask for feedback, questions, comments? If not, why not? Boring your students is not teaching. Call on your students by name constantly! Get them involved! Students will remember quite a bit even when they don't take notes if they are active in the presenting of material.

When giving individual work, make it only a couple of minutes. Transition to the next phase. Keep your students busy.

Sometimes group work helps, sometimes it doesn't. Asking for help with the student next to them is not an interruption. Allow your students the opportunity to engage with other students. This works for whatever subject you are presenting. Read more tips on students engagement.

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