Friday, July 23, 2010

Be a preschool or early childhood education teacher

If you are considering becoming a teacher, but don't especially want to be with older kids, becoming an early childhood teacher may be just for you.

As fun as it sounds, being a preschool teacher is a lot of work and takes a special person to handle small children.

Teaching is an almost recession-proof career, although some districts have been doing a few layoffs. This is not the case for preschool teachers. The federal government has committed money in the stimulus bill to fund more of these early childhood education program. They are predicting an almost 25% increase in these positions.

If you wish to be a state certified preschool teacher, you probably will need to get an associates degree. If you want to be a kindergarten teacher, this will require a bachelors degree.

Remember that if you teach in a field or area that is under-served, you may get student loans forgiven.

Besides being recession-proof, almost all teachers will get health care and retirement benefits.

Daycare in your home could also be a possibility, with no school, but stringent state rules. For some people, this is a good option. You may have very small children yourself, want to help friends that need daycare, or just need a little extra money. Every state and community has rules for how to set one up. Normally they come with restrictions on the number of non-family members you are allowed to have.

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