Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you a negative teacher?

Are you a negative teacher? Always telling students what the should not be doing? Do you openly get mad when students misbehave or are not getting the material? Is your classroom an experience your students would rather forget?

You need to be a more positive teacher and create a positive learning atmosphere. Your class should not be one where students hate or dread to enter. No, this does not mean just having fun and games. It means being a serious teacher, with a positive outlook.

Try being a teacher who turns negatives into positives. When a student acts up, remember the ones who are not. "I am pleased most of you are behaving appropriately." As opposed to singling out the misbehaving student.

You can let a lot of little things go. Don't let them get to you. If you let every thing in a classroom get you down, it will show. And you will accomplish nothing.

When students do not score high enough on an exam or assignment, you say something like, "Many of you did not do well. But this is a new day. Every one of you has the ability to get a passing grade."

The above examples are just two instances in turning a negative into a positive. You want the students to try and be better. Or at least think about being better.

Try to smile as much as possible. Look like you are an interested teacher. In fact, be an interested teacher.

Your classroom should be one where students are ready to learn and are not afraid to fail.

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