Monday, June 28, 2010

Simple trick for classroom discipline

Classroom discipline begins before the school term starts. You have to have a plan. Getting your classroom management under control is your first line of defense. They go hand in hand. Classroom discipline is is how you handle classroom behavior. Not necessarily bad behavior, but all behavior. Even desired ones. You have got to concentrate on getting your students to act the way you want them to.

Did you know that contacting parents is the easiest way? When students know you have or will contact parents, their whole attitude can change. Make a point to contact all parents at least once during the first 2 or 3 days of school. It may sound like a daunting task, but will only take an hour or so each night. You don't have to hold a lengthy conversation. Just an introduction and hope for a good school term. if parents want to talk longer, let them.

Once you have made contact, the students will now know that you have talked to their parents. Parents are still a powerful tool. Now when you see a behavior you do not like, you can calmly state that if it does not stop you may have to contact their parents. Then do it. Don't call home to complain until you have made a phone call home as an introduction first. No parent likes this. Do not call home as a complaint. Use it as a praise, then a concern. Call home for praise as well. The more calls you make to homes, the less calls you will make to the principal's office. It sounds easy. It is. But it can be time consuming.

Once you have your classroom discipline plan in full force, you can stress out less. Your behavior problems will diminish.

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