Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Motivating Your Students

Teachers in most cases need to motivate their students. Rarely do students show up ready and willing to get down to some learning. Here are some tips to motivate your students.

Motivation starts with the teacher. Are you knowledgeable, organized, and excited about what you teach? if you are not at least knowledgeable and organized, your students will be short changed.

Is your classroom a good environment for learning? Is it cold and stale, or warm and inviting? Are you warm and inviting?

Students must feel the need to learn. It is a teacher's job to instill some type of interest in the students. Lesson plans should first use something that grabs the students attention and makes them want to learn. If you include valid reasons for learning, students will more readily adapt.

Reality is next in motivation. Students need some type of reward. But I am not talking about candy or prizes. You can use those, but getting students to be self rewarded is your goal. Your verbal rewards, like praise and encouragement, are worth more than gold. Get your students to walk out of your classroom a satisfied student. All students love praise. Use it!

The more you can create a positive classroom, the more your students will be motivated. Don't expect miracles overnight. Some students can be a challenge. It's your job to get it done!

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